Miss Tiffany's Old Classroom

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Welcome to our room~

I have been a preschool teacher with Albert Lea Schools since 1998. My passion is to create safe, rich environments for children to explore, investigate and discover.  I use the Creative Curriculum and my approach favors Montessori and Reggio Emilia models. Blocks of uninterrupted, self-directed work/play time are essential as well as small blocks of teacher-directed activities which include large and small groups. Our classroom is set up to foster successful group and individual needs. Areas in which a few children can work together or gather in large groups and small, and cozy areas for alone time.  I don't limit the number of children in the areas as it is an opportunity to practice self-regulation and social skills. A few of the centers have visual reminders that the area is a quiet area: library and writing center. In the rest of the room you will hear children working together and sharing experiences! 

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